¿Cómo podemos ayudar?

  • Can I deactivate my vacancy early?
    Yes, all you have to do is email us and we will take the vacancy down for you.
  • How long will my vacancy be active for?
    Your vacancy will be active for as long as you like.
  • What happens if I don't get any applications?
    Dutch Employees is only responsible for providing you with potential candidates, it is your call as the employer, whether you are interested in them or not.
  • How soon will my post be available after I submit it?
    We review all posts before they go public after that, we make you a proposal, it depends on how fast you (the employer) reply. The sooner, the quicker your post will be published.
  • Do you provide any statistics to track my vacancy’s performance?
    Yes, we do. In the employer's dashboard page, you can see the "View jobs" section, which displays the statistics of your published vacancy. If you want more in-depth details, you can go to the "My Vacancy" tab. There, you can post new vacancies, find the job offers and its description, you can also see how many applications have been submitted for a certain job offer and how many views it generated.
  • What happens after I post a vacancy?
    Once you have posted your vacancy, you will start receiving submissions via email from candidates who are interested in your vacancy. From there on, you can ask all your questions and contact them. You won’t be charged until you hire a candidate.
  • How can I start posting vacancies on Dutch Employees?
    In order to post a vacancy, you will need to create an account on Dutch Employees. At the top right of the homepage, you will find an orange "employers" button, select that and follow the process on the screen. Once you’re done creating your profile, you will have the option to post your vacancy. A Vat number will be required for this process.