¿Cómo podemos ayudar?

  • What is Dutch Employees’ mission?
    Our mission is based on two aspects. On one hand we want to give Dutch job seekers an opportunity to work abroad and on the other hand, Dutch Employees is the solution of international companies with the need in the recruitment and selection of Dutch employees. We bring employers and employees together.
  • Who are Dutch Employees’ target groups?
    Our target groups are international employers who are looking to hire Dutch talent and Dutch job seekers who are looking to gain experience abroad. 
  • What makes Dutch Employees different than other companies?
    Our system is based on having over 20,000 active Dutch job seekers. We mainly cater to Dutch job seekers and international employers. We also do the recruitment and selection process. What makes Dutch Employees special is that our community compromises of Dutch job seekers who are most of the time multilingual and sometimes can speak three languages. In addition, we combine our options and use a No-cure-no-pay system.
  • What type of companies does Dutch Employees work with?
    At Dutch Employees the opportunities are limitless, therefore, we deal with various companies that are based around the world. We generally aim to work with interesting companies and companies that are interested in hiring Dutch talent.
  • Why choose Dutch Employees?
    Dutch Employees has an extensive network of both employers from all around the world, and Dutch candidates from all around the Netherlands who are eager to work abroad. Therefore, it is easy for both Dutch candidates and employers to explore each other’s profile and increase the chances of getting the ideal candidate for the employer and the ideal job for the job seekers. 
  • What is Dutch Employees?
    Dutch Employees is the mother company of Grenzelooswerk and mainly dedicated to help employers find the ideal candidate that fits their preferences. Our extensive network enables employers to explore Dutch candidates from all over the Netherlands that are excited to work abroad. Through our website, employers can post their vacancies and then they will be promoted across various platforms and after that candidates can easily get in contact with the employer.